Finding beauty in darkness, poetry and meaning in the forgotten and surreal, imaginary worlds amongst decay. Rebecca's artworks breathe life into forgotten historical locations, they reawaken old narratives, find beauty and meaning in their ruin and revive the memories of lost moments in places tainted by the indigenous. 

Unseen to the ordinary public who pass their boarded windows and fenced walls, no trespass signs refrain communities from seeing the hidden world within, slowly being claimed back by nature unseen. Rebecca finds entry to these mystical places hidden to the world and sensitively captures them as a beautiful record, as they deserve to be recorded for posterity too, before they are lost as time rolls inexorably on. She captures the stories and characteristic through carefully composed images, to include the romantiscm and memories of the ruins.

In reality these places will cease to exist very soon and as the memories fade, they will be forgotten and although derelict places have no appeal as tourist destinations, their value and place in cultural memory is fundamental to the history of the 20th century. Her works also add elements of the surreal and mythology through her Underworld series, these works further take you down the rabbit hole into a world of dreams and the haunting, shadowy passing of time.



2014 - Present Roehampon University, PHD Visual Anthropology

2008 - 2009 University of Arts London, MA Photography

2003 - 2006 University of Creative Arts, BA 1:1 Graphic Design


Featured in Daily Mail, Wired, Guardian, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Dark Beauty Magazine, Shortlist Magazine, The Herald, Mental Floss to name a few

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