The Limited Edition artworks listed in this catalogue are available as archival pigment prints, professionally printed on Giclee Hahnemühle German Etching Board.

Each print is printed to bleed, signed on the back, numbered and accompanied with a signed certificate of authenticity. Prices are for unframed print, framing and mounting can be included on request.

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There are sites of a dark nature where tourists can go and see without trespassing. These places people can join guided tours to see sites of death and tragedy. The act of going to these locations is known as Dark Tourism.

The phrase dark tourism conjures up ideas and images from sites of a dark nature, associated with death, suffering, tragedy and the macabre. Everybody holds different opinions on this relatively new term, due to the fact that we are not programmed to understand the seemingly human nature to be attracted to things of such a dark nature and until recently there was not a name for such activity.

There is a group of people that travel to these sites with fire in their eyes, with emotion and enthusiasm and they photograph these places in the same way a normal tourist would take tourist snaps. Often creating highly powerful images in which the viewer feels strong emotional attachment , whether it be positive or negative. It is of interest to find out why images created at such sites are often found beautiful even though they are of a dark disposition.

These sites include, places of tragedy, death and catastrophe, for example genocide, war, natural disaster, man made failure and human atrocity, including the rituals and burials of the dead and places believed to be haunted. Museums, memorial sites, ossuary and cemeteries, are created to remember and grieve these events and the dead. 

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